Why are we here?

Posted by Jeff Iorg on

Why is Gateway Seminary here? I don’t mean in the macro or mission sense, but literally, why is our primary campus here – in Ontario, California?

Graduation season

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It’s graduation season at Gateway. That’s an apt descriptor because we have five graduations across the West every May – allowing graduates to participate in the service of their choosing at any of our five campus locations. This year we have 201 total graduates, which is a smaller number for us.

The disconnect


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My weekend-world and weekday-world reveal the disconnect that sometimes exists between seminary conversations and real-world concerns. This past weekend was a good reminder of what it means to prepare people for leadership in local churches. I spoke at a men’s conference with attendees from...

Lights out


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One contemporary trend in worship services is turning the lights down on the congregation during the service. This has the effect of focusing the attention on the stage, much like happens in a theater. The goal is well-intended – minimizing distraction among the audience – but actually has a...