Another Election Concern

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While most people are caught up in the Trump vs. Clinton aspect of the upcoming election, barring some cataclysmic event the winner in California will be Mrs. Clinton. She leads by 20-30 points in recent polls, depending on how many candidates are part of the survey. Many people will likely skip voting since the results are a foregone conclusion.

There is another matter on the ballot in California polling much closer, about 50/50, which should motivate Californians to get to the polls. The issue is Proposition 64, the legalization of marijuana. The reasons for legalization sound like this: everyone is doing it so it should be monitored and taxed (some estimate annual tax revenue of $1 billion). Adults who use marijuana are making a personal decision, not much more damaging than using alcohol, and should be free to make their own choices.

The data and logical reasoning confounding all these so-called “arguments” is so clear it’s hard to imagine any thinking person not being able to comprehend them. But, like most information in our culture driven by social media momentum rather than careful analysis, Prop 64 is “trending” toward approval. Once that happens in California, it will sweep the nation.

At least one group of people will be happy – doctors who do drug-testing for companies testing potential employees. I have a physician friend who tests people for multiple companies in Colorado. He formerly tested a few each week.  Now companies are sending him large numbers of candidates, in hopes a few new employees can found. He is testing them, failing the vast majority, but making a tidy sum doing so. The result: companies can’t find employees to drive forklifts, operate machinery, or drive delivery trucks.

You see, while recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado, so is refusing to hire people who use marijuana. My friend told me, “It’s sad, but pretty soon there won’t be enough people in Colorado to do these jobs and one of two thing will happen – costs of doing business will increase because qualified employees will be in high demand so salaries will rise (these costs will be passed along to consumers) or companies will just leave Colorado.”

Recreational marijuana use is an experiment we can’t afford – financially, medically, or socially. Vote no on Proposition 64.


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Tom atkins Oct 10, 2016 5:12pm

these comments are my own, not my church's opinion. there is no doubt that both candidates are lacking in many ways. the comments from Trump ten years ago are disgusting. Horrible. From listening to a Pastor who is guiding him, he is working to become more the man that God wants him to be. He has surrounded himself with men who will guide him better than any time in his life. Like many of us, he has a long way to go. How many of us have things we said before we became a believer that are disgusting?

I wish we had another republican to choose from. However, given all the problems I believe that my best choice is to vote for Trump. Hillary will continue to take away our religious freedoms like Obama. Look at what they have done to Hobby Lobby and the Catholic Church. She favors lake term abortion and redefinition of marriage. she said last evening in the debate she would appoint judges who are in line with the current trends of society. Yes there are uncertainties with Trump, but we know for sure that Hillary will be very harmful to our faith.