Moral confusion


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Most people today believe right and wrong are determined by two sources – either what they feel is right/wrong or by what laws say are right/wrong. This means feelings determine truth for individuals and legislatures determine truth for the community. This is a backwards approach. Truth must...

Hope in the new year

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Spending several days during the holidays with four grandchildren under age three caused me to think about our world, their future, and my perspective on what their world may be like when they are my age. Despite my natural optimism, the overall trajectory of current events, the overwhelming...

Islands of Sanity

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Moral confusion about sexual issues is so common in our culture it is now our normal ministry milieu. Sexual harassment in the workplace, sex offenders in neighborhoods, and sexual escapades by societal influences are daily occurrences. Yet, our culture continues to embrace confusing moral...

Drowning our sorrows

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Most people in our culture believe alcohol is a necessary social lubricant, mark of adulthood, and primary ingredient for having a party. None of those things are true – but most people believe them anyway. People who believe otherwise are marginalized as out-of-touch legalists. That’s a...

Decadal disciple making

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One of the pastors from a nearby community providing on-sight ministry in Sutherland Springs, Texas is a Gateway graduate. He recently told me, “I never imagined ministering in a situation like this but my seminary training prepared me for it.” My purpose in calling this alum was to encourage...

A small family

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The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest evangelical denomination in the United States, but it often seems like a small family. Forget six degrees of separation. It’s more like two or three at the most.

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