Emerging Trends Conference

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Ministry leaders today have complex responsibilities related to technology, personnel, and financial standards and laws applicable to churches and ministry organizations. Gateway is partnering with a Southern California law firm and other professional organizations to host a major Emerging...



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Modern protesters don’t really bother me. Non-violent protests are a valid way to express an opinion, make a point, or otherwise stir the political pot. When Colin Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem, and persuaded other athletes to follow his lead, it really didn’t offend or inspire me...

7,000 Conversations

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A church planter, working downtown in a major West Coast city, has led his young adult church members to have over 7,000 gospel conversations with people in their community in the past three years. They have discovered people – even secularists in a never-Christian-culture urban area – who have...


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This past Saturday, Gateway hosted an organizational meeting for a future association for International Mission Board alumni in California. It was an amazing gathering of veteran, retired, and recently returned IMB personnel. They had served on every continent, catalyzed all kinds of missionary...

Win or learn

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One of our outstanding leaders at Gateway recently told me about a new motto his department has adopted. He said, “We have developed a simple slogan to use when we deal with any problem: “win or learn.”

A Unifying Word

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Our summer vacation included visiting family in Europe.  While wandering about, we discovered the National War Museum of Scotland where we learned this remarkable story.  The first item donated to the collection when the museum opened in 1930 was the “McNab Bible.”  The McNab Clan website...

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