The Big Party

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Many years ago, our church had a series of solid successes on some significant ministry projects. At the time, I was involved in a supervisory relationship with a mentor who was helping sharpen my ministry skills.

When God Came to Chapel

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Last Thursday, in a remarkable way, God visited our chapel and called us to visible response to His Word at work in our lives. Dr. Benny Wong, pastor of First Chinese Baptist Church of Los Angeles, preached a powerful message on our responsibility to participate in and lead corporate prayer.

Pentecost in Anaheim


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This past weekend, the Harvest Crusade happened for the 27th year at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California. Pastor Greg Laurie and Harvest Community Church have been the driving force behind this movement, with 200 other churches partnering with them this year.

Senate Bill 1146

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In California, Senate Bill 1146 is the latest attack on religious freedom – cloaked in the guise of civil rights being protected for everyone. This bill is a direct threat to the rights of Christian students...

A Free Press and a Free Pulpit

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For a dozen years, while living in the Bay Area, the San Francisco Chronicle provided me insight into the agenda (and reasoning, no matter how convoluted it sometimes seemed) of the left wing of liberal ideology in America.


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At the recent Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Jerry Young, the president of the National Baptist Convention delivered an eloquent plea for racial unity and issued a challenge to Christians to catalyze a movement to realize this elusive goal.  He laid the responsibility for reducing racial...