Passion Week


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Coptic Christians in Egypt are mourning the death of 44 friends and family members who died in two separate church bombings on Palm Sunday. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Tell the truth


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Telling the truth seems to be more of a challenge for leaders these days. Media spin masters have taught all of us how to shape the truth to communicate our preferred message.

Marine scandal

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The Marine Corps – along with other branches of the military – is currently dealing with a scandal involving nude photos and salacious comments. A group of Marines, and perhaps other military men, have created a website to share these photos – along with comments ranging in tone from juvenile to...

A heart for missions

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When Golden Gate Seminary sold its property, moved its primary campus to Southern California, and changed its name to Gateway Seminary – some asked a legitimate question. Their concern was whether the seminary would change its core identity. The answer was and is no.