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Over this past weekend, the shootings in El Paso and Dayton (just after Gilroy) left many of us numb – devastated at the pain of the victims and angry about our cultural milieu contributing to random acts of violence. We have lost our spiritual, social, moral, and ethical moorings – no news...

A Theology of Volunteers


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Over the next three weeks, I want to address the issue of volunteers in churches and ministry organizations. Next week, we will consider issues related to recruiting volunteers. The following week, motivating volunteers. Each week I will also be addressing these issues in greater detail in my...

Culture Crushes Vision

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John Maxwell is credited with saying, “Culture eats vision for lunch.” He may have been quoting someone else (if so, let me know and attribution will be given!). Whoever said it, they got it right. No matter how grand your vision, organizational culture can crush it. This was first evident to me...

On Mission

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It’s been my privilege and delight to spend the past several days working with a Gateway team of students and faculty in partnership with the IMB and national personnel in South Asia. God is moving in many places around the world and it was good to join him – and see him – at work.

Steady Change

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At the Southern Baptist Convention in Birmingham this week, Southern Baptists are focusing on three cultural issues – leadership diversity, women in ministry, and preventing sexual abuse. Gateway has been a forerunner on all these issues. We have been – for more than 30 years &ndash...

Being Christian

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A new church staff role has emerged at Vision Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Let’s hope it’s not the start of a trend. If it is, Gateway will have to sit this one out. Rev. Lakara Foster has joined the ministerial staff of Vision Church as their new medium. In her role, she communicates with the dead.

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