More Missionaries

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Vision 2025 consists of five strategic goals, recently endorsed by the SBC Executive Committee, to be presented for consideration by the SBC annual meeting in June 2020. My hope is they will be adopted by Southern Baptists – not just voted and forgotten—as our North Star for the next five years.

Death in a Glass

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According to a new study by the National Institute for Health, the second leading cause of death in 2017 in the United States was alcohol.  More people died from alcohol-related illnesses than died of drug overdoses, including opioids.  The death rate from these illnesses has more than doubled...

Competence Builds Influence

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Leadership is usually defined, in some way, as influence. Demonstrating competence is one key to influencing others. The better you are at your role, the more likely others will defer to your expertise, trust your judgment, and cooperate with your decisions. Your competence is both real and a...

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