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Community Dispersed is a collection of resources for pastors and church leaders as they navigate the challenging circumstances brought on by COVID-19. Gateway faculty are producing these pieces to provide encouragement, direction and insight into evolving ministry opportunities presented by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Blog Posts

Building Community

Surprising Community - Read about the surprising ways communities are growing under these difficult circumstances from Kristen Ferguson, director of online education.

What does online education have to do with church? - The first in a series of posts highlighting principles of onlined education that are applicable to the church from Kristen Ferguson.

Connecting Members to Content in the COVID-19 Pandemic - In part two, Dr. Ferguson discusses how church leaders can deliver Bible teaching digitally.

Connecting Members to Leaders in the COVID-19 Pandemic - In part three, Dr. Ferguson outlines the importance of keeping church leaders connected to members from a distance.

Connecting Members to Members (and Beyond) in the COVID-19 Pandemic - In the final part of Dr. Ferguson's series, she highlights ways to keep the broader church body together through digital means.

Our Best Response - Dr. Jeff Iorg outlines some ways churches have continued to obey the Great Commission and the Great Commandment during the pandemic.

Caring for the Deaf Community During the Coronavirus Lockdown - Paul Kelly, professor of educational leadership, highlights how churches can serve deaf church members.

Connecting with Teenagers During the Coronavirus Lockdown - Dr. Kelly goes over the ways ministers can connect with youth while weekly meetings are suspended.

Fear of the Unknown - Debbie Steele, professor of Christian counseling, examines the emotional response church members may be experiencing during COVID-19.

Personal Development

Pastoral Care in the Time of Coronavirus - Mark Bradley, director of the Pacific Northwest Campus and associate professor of leadership formation, describes some of the alternatives to face-to-face pastoral care many ministers have adopted.

Christian Faith and Pestilence - Rick Durst, professor of historical theology, describes how the church has responded to pandemics in the past.

Seven Daily Questions for the Disciple in Quarantine - Dr. Durst lists seven daily practices for Christians in seclusion.

Sermon Starter - A resource for busy pastors preparing for Easter services from President Jeff Iorg.

Safer at Home - Jim Wilson, director of the doctor of ministry program, encourages readers to rejoice in difficult circumstances through prayer.

Video Resources

Dr. Iorg preaches 2 Corinthians 1 and shares how God is all we need to get through uncertain times.

Dr. Jeff Iorg shares from Philippians 1 and shows how we can build strong relationships while social distancing.

In anticipation of the coming Easter celebration, Dr. Jeff Iorg shows why we can trust the New Testament story of Jesus' resurrection and how we should respond to its good news.