Transformation Ministries Partnership

Cost shouldn't be a barrier to your education.

Gateway Seminary and Transformation Ministries have established a partnership to fund scholarships for master's level degrees pursued at the Los Angeles Campus - Ontario. Approved students will receive funds that reduce the cost of tuition at Gateway Seminary to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) rate.

How it Works

Scholarships from Transformation Ministries and Gateway Seminary will reduce the cost of tuition from our standard rate to the SBC rate, a reduction of nearly 50%. These scholarships only apply to master's level courses and do not include the Th.M., D.Min., or Ph.D. degrees.

• Transformation Ministries will provide $100 per credit hour for approved students at a physical campus or $85 per credit hour for online classes.
• Gateway Seminary will provide an additional scholarship to cover the balance, lowering the student's cost to the SBC rate.
• Students may apply for further financial aid as well.

Application Requirements

To be qualified for this scholarship a student must be accepted to Gateway Seminary, including a recommendation letter from their local church, and provide an endorsement letter from Transformation Ministries.

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