Adam Groza

Message from the Presidential Search Committee

The Presidential Search Committee of Gateway Seminary’s Board of Trustees has nominated Dr. Adam Groza as candidate for the role of President.

The search for Gateway Seminary’s new president began during the fall 2023 trustee meeting. Chair of the Board, Phil Kell, recommended J. Robert White to lead the Presidential Search Committee, that included trustees Kevin Carrothers, Daniel Atkins, Gilroy Chow, Steve Davidson, Rally de Leon, Andrew Dyer, Marsha Gray, Vincent Hayes, Phil Kell, Chuck Morton and Kevin Scott.

After a thorough selection process consisting of candidate interviews, student surveys, in-person dialogues with faculty and staff and more, the committee unanimously selected Dr. Adam Groza as their nominee to become the next President of Gateway Seminary.

From the very first meeting, our committee meetings were defined by harmony, thoughtfulness, respect of all expressed opinions and diligence in each member’s efforts to discover the will of God. Our hearts are full of gratitude for the Lord’s faithfulness. We are excited as we look forward to the remarkable years ahead in the life of Gateway Seminary under the capable and godly leadership of Dr. Adam Groza.

- J. Robert White
Chair, Presidential Search Committee

Meet Adam Groza

Dr. Adam Groza is a native Californian and is representative of Southern Baptist investment in the Western United States. Adam joined the Gateway family in June 2010 after serving on faculty and as director of admissions at Southwestern. He currently serves as vice president of enrollment and student services and associate professor of philosophy of religion at Gateway and has taught philosophy-related classes at a variety of institutions including California Baptist University, Tarleton State University, Scarborough College, and Korea Baptist Theological Seminary.

Adam wrote Unraveling Philosophy (B&H Academic) with J.P. Moreland, Faith Wins: Overcoming a Crisis of Belief (New Hope Publishers, 2020) and has contributed to various books including Ministry in the New Marriage Culture (B&H, 2016) and Idealism and Christian Philosophy (Bloomsbury Academic, 2016), and more (see Publications below).

Adam has been married to Holly since 2000 and together they have four children: Cosette, Charlie, Christian, and Cate. Holly is from Burbank, California and enjoys being a stay-at-home mother and homeschooling her children. In their spare time, the Grozas enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and concerts.

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. - 2 Timothy 3:16-17, ESV

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Ph.D. - Philosophy of Religion (Major) Ethics (Minor)
Dissertation Title: “Siris Revisited (Did George Berkeley Change His Mind?)”
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2009

Th.M. - Philosophy of Religion
Thesis Title: “A Comparison Between the Design
Arguments of William Paley and Bill Dembski”
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2003

M.Div. - Theology
The Master’s Seminary, 2001

B.S. - Political Science (Major) Spanish (Minor)
Northern AZ University, 1998

Current Positions

Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services, Associate Professor, Philosophy of Religion
Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention, 2010-Present
• Courses Taught: Apologetics, Philosophy for Ministry, Evangelism, and Christian Ethics
• Direct Reports: Director of Enrollment, Director of Student Services, Director of Student Success and Registrar, and Administrative Assistant to the Vice President

Teaching Fellow
Agricola Theological Institute (Espoo, Finland), 2019-Present
• Courses Taught: Christian Philosophy and Worship

Research Fellow
Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, 2017-Present
• Courses Taught: Introduction to Philosophy and Goodness, Truth, and Beauty


“Dr. Groza has the spiritual maturity, theological convictions, and relational skills needed to be a President in the Southern Baptist Convention. As a native Californian, his western roots run deep, and he is prepared to lead from this context for a global impact. Dr. Groza is an excellent preacher, teacher, and writer—already in high demand by conventions, conferences and churches. His marriage is healthy, and he is a model father, fully engaged in the lives of his children. As I consider the profile for our future President, he fulfills every aspect of the kind of person who is needed to lead us forward.”
Jeff Iorg, President, Gateway Seminary 

“Adam Groza is a servant of God who is deeply rooted in his biblical and theological convictions. He lives out his convictions by sharing the Gospel with the lost in an exemplary manner and demonstrates integrity in all he does. Over the years, it has been a blessing to work with him, and now, with his election to serve as the newly elected president of Gateway Seminary, I look forward with great anticipation to continue partnering with him as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission.”
Pete Ramirez, Executive Director, California Southern Baptist Convention 

“Nearly every time I’ve met Adam Groza over the last twelve years he has asked me what I am reading thereby challenging me to grow in many ways. He loves learning, has an evangelist’s heart, a passion for biblical, theological and practical education, and a deep desire to challenge others to grow spiritually. When Dr. Iorg announced his retirement, my first thought was that Dr. Groza would be the best person to follow him as President of Gateway Seminary. I am thankful that he will lead the seminary into the next decades.”
Keith Goeking, M.D., Former Board Chair, Gateway Seminary

“Adam has proven himself as a humble leader, scholar, pastor and student advocate at Gateway Seminary. During the 10 years of serving on the board, I was impressed with Adam’s faithfulness and believe that he would serve the seminary well into the future.”
Gayle Fee, Former Board Member

“For the past 17 years, my wife Heidi, and I, along with our five children have served as IMB missionaries in my home country, Finland. Adam has served the people of Finland by teaching in churches and in our seminary, Agricola Theological Seminary, several times and by initiating wider partnerships with us among SBC pastors and churches, especially in Southern California.

"This past fall, with his leadership, we held a marriage retreat for our seminary students and their wives. Adam has a very capable academic mind, a proven record to teach sound doctrine with excellent communication ability, and great leadership skills. Adam is a family man, whose character has been molded into Christlikeness over the decades. I have seen him demonstrate these skills and character numerous times at his own home, in our home, in many churches and international multicultural settings.”
Mikko Sivonen, Team Leader Finland, Denmark, Iceland, International Mission Board & Academic Dean, Agricola Theological Seminary

“Adam is a respected academic who thinks carefully and teaches clearly. He has the theological clarity, biblical faithfulness, and scholarly abilities needed to guard the gospel, lead an academic institution, and draw top-notch faculty to Southern California. At the same time, he is also a personal evangelist. Over the years I have first-hand knowledge of Adam boldly witnessing to many non-Christians –whether he is out to eat with friends, talking with his neighbor, or engaging with a secular reporter. His heart for the salvation of individuals is matched by his heart for the nations, having served leaders and built bridges with Ukrainian, Finnish, Indian, Korean and many other ministries around the world. As a professor at CBU, I am confident that Dr. Groza’s presidential leadership will continue to draw more and more CBU graduates to pursue further training at Gateway.”
Mark Rogers, Pastor, Fellowship Church & Applied Theology/Lecturer, School of Christian Ministries of California Baptist University 

“Dr. Groza has worked hard for the last 12 years that I have been at Gateway, and I am very impressed with his scholarship and theology. He is very careful and conservative. He handles his time, family and school issues well. He is admired by the faculty and staff and will be a great leader.”
Paul D. Wegner, Senior Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies, Gateway Seminary

“Adam has helped our church in numerous ways, including as interim pastor, in helping counsel the search committee when needed, and then when I arrived as pastor, in welcoming me to the area and passing the baton to me with grace and encouragement.”
Dustin Rudolph, Pastor, Del Cerro Baptist Church in La Mesa, CA

“Dr. Groza is a California native that has thrived in the DNA of this school. He is also a pastor, caring deeply for the church. Groza is a distinguished speaker who can relate to every person in the room. Adam has the scholarly ability and the relationship intelligence to help Gateway continue to thrive.”
Brandon Boatner, Pastor. Remix Church in Maryland Heights, MO

“Dr. Groza loves the local church, he is actively involved in the California Southern Baptist Convention and the national Southern Baptist Convention, and he is passionate about theological education. He is an accomplished author, preaches and teaches regularly, and has a proven track record of being able to serve alongside pastors and other denominational leaders in California as well as nationally.”
Max Stabenow, Vice President for Enrollment, Williams Baptist University

“Dr. Groza’s deep understanding of Gateway’s unique ethos and the nuances of our diverse Southern California setting make him an outstanding candidate for the presidency. With the cultural changes coming at a rapid pace, Dr. Groza’s theological acumen and leadership vision are precisely what’s needed to navigate the evolving landscape of seminary education over the next decade.
Scott Hill, Pastor, Providence Church Murrieta in Murrieta, CA

Ministry Experience


Unraveling Philosophy, with J.P. Moreland, B&H Academic. May 2023

Faith Wins: Overcoming a Crisis of Belief , New Hope Publishers. June 2020.

“Idealism and the Nature of God” in Idealism and Christian Philosophy, edited by Jim Spiegel. Bloomsbury Press. February 2016.

“A Positive Sexual Ethic” in Ministry in the New Marriage Culture, edited by Jeff Iorg. Broadman & Holman Press. October 2015.

“Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?”
The Claremont Universities, March 2023

“Recovering the Fear of the Lord in Christian Ethics”
Academic Convocation of Gateway Seminary, October 2021

"In the Absence of Evidence: Mill and James against Hume’s ‘Of Miracles’ in Conversation with Ancient Voices and Sacred Texts"
Rationality, Theism, and Atheism Conference of the Iranian Institute of Philosophy, March 2021

“God and the Problem of Evil”
Pepperdine University: Veritas Forum Lectures, Malibu, CA, February 2019

“Old Testament Time and Worship”
Far West ETS: California Baptist University, Riverside, CA, Spring 2019

“A Biblical Vision of the Good Life”
Korea University: Religious Scholars Series Lecture, Seoul, South Korea, October 2014

“Berkelean Idealism and the Good Life”
California Baptist University Apologetics Conference, Riverside, California, April 2013.

“Christ in the Old Testament and the Logic of Inerrancy”
Evangelical Theological Society Southwestern Regional Meeting, Fort Worth, Texas, March 2011.

“Berkeley, Pantheism, and Panentheism”
Evangelical Theological Society Southwestern Regional Meeting, Fort Worth, Texas, March 2009.