Master of Missiology

Master of Missiology

Focus Highlights

The Master of Missiology (MMiss) is a two-year, 49 credit hour program focused on preparing students for Christian ministry in cross-cultural contexts. Students can choose concentrations in either urban or global missiology, or take classes in church planting and intercultural understanding. The MMiss is available at the Los Angeles campus.


  • Global Missiology
  • Urban Missiology

Ministry Path

Missionary, pastor of missions, church planter, community ministry leader.

Why a MMiss at Gateway Seminary?

The Master of Missiology equips students to:

  • Exhibit an introductory graduate-level understanding of the Bible's content, contexts, structure, and messages; demonstrate the ability to conduct solid research with a goal of properly interpreting and applying the Bible to modern life.
  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the Christian historical and theological frameworks commonly held in the believers' church tradition to sustain ministerial leadership to God's glory.
  • Affirm God’s calling and explore areas of spiritual formation and self-awareness appropriate for ministry leadership.
  • Understand theory and develop practical skills and proficient strategy to be effective in communicating and living the Gospel in ecclesiological, missional, and intercultural contexts.
  • Be able to define and converse competently with regard to cultural diversity, change, worldview, multicultural ministry, and worship and religious practices of the world.


A regionally accredited bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Master's by Exception

Gateway Seminary will consider applicants lacking an accredited undergraduate degree for admission to its basic master's degrees. A student must request admission under this provision in writing through the Office of Enrollment and may initiate this request only after all qualifying criteria have been met:

•  Students requesting a master's by exception must be at least 30 years of age at the time of the submitted request.

•  Applicants must demonstrate their ability to do graduate-level work by entering the Seminary as a diploma student and by completing at least 20 hours of Gateway Seminary coursework required in the master’s degree sought (at least 6 hours of introductory courses in New Testament, Old Testament, history, or theology) with a minimum GPA of 3.2. Electives, transfer credits and ADVANCE courses may not be used to satisfy this requirement.

•  This provision will not be granted to previous students who graduated with diploma degrees.