Academic Programs Available at Gateway

Master's Degrees

Gateway Seminary offers master's degree programs that combine the best of academic studies with significant professional training to prepare men and women called to a multiplicity of ministry expressions. Done within small class settings, professors join students in a pilgrimage of learning that often resembles a mentoring relationship.

All of Gateway's master's degree programs are available fully online.

Master of Divinity
Embark on a lifelong journey of personal, spiritual, and professional growth with Gateway's Master of Divinity. Twelve concentrations and a host of electives to choose from allow you to customize your degree to the ministry you want to pursue.
Master of Theological Studies
The Master of Theological Studies is a foundational program that provides the theological groundwork for personal enrichment, ministry enhancement, and further graduate study.
Master of Theological Essentials
The Master of Theological Essentials is a 36 credit-hour program that provides a foundation for Christian thought.
Master of Global Engagement
The Master of Global Engagement (MGE) prepares leaders to engage the world from a biblical worldview in order to accomplish the Great Commission.
Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
Equip yourself for multicultural and multiethnic ministry both at home and abroad with a program that seeks to prepare students to impact the world for Christ in environments that are increasingly diverse.
Master of Arts in Christian Counseling
Gateway's Master of Arts in Christian Counseling equips church leaders and ministry partners to care for and counsel people in a context based on biblical and theological foundations.
Master of Arts in Educational Leadership
The Master of Arts in Educational Leadership prepares students to effectively lead educational ministries in a variety of settings, including churches, parachurch ministries, and denominational agencies.
Advanced Track Master's Degrees
The Advanced Track program is available to students who have significant preparation in biblical, theological, or applied Christian studies at the bachelor’s level.

Doctoral Degrees

Gateway's advanced degrees are academically rigorous, intended to prepare students for lifelong educational and ministerial pursuits. Seminar-style classes and small cohorts encourage students to create community while they learn, encouraging one another in advancing their ministries.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Pursue advanced academic research with Gateway's Doctor of Philosophy program, which offers two majors of study in Theology or Biblical Studies.
Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)
Designed to enhance your ministry, not take you away from it, Gateway's Doctor of Ministry program encourages you to mature in your ministerial leadership identity, understanding, and skills.
Master of Theology
One of Gateway's three advanced research degrees, the Master of Theology requires students to be at a campus only four times per semester. Classes taught in a seminar format encourage students to have dialogue with one another, as well as with fully engaged and experienced professors.

Diplomas and Certificates

Gateway's diploma and certificate programs provide opportunities for students without bachelor's degrees to learn specialized skills that will enhance their ministries. With options available at every campus and online, there's something here for everyone, no matter what your needs are.

Diploma in Divinity
The Diploma in Divinity offers ministerial training for people called to full-time ministry who don't have an undergraduate degree. It shares much of the same coursework as the Master of Divinity.
Diploma in Christian Counseling
The Diploma in Christian Counseling equips church leaders with a high degree of competence in counseling ministries.
Diploma in Educational Leadership
Students in the Diploma in Educational Leadership program are equipped for non-preaching professional leadership positions in churches, parachurch organizations, and other religious institutions. It shares much of the same coursework as the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership.
Diploma in Global Engagement
The Diploma in Global Engagement prepares leaders to engage the world from a biblical worldview in order to accomplish the Great Commission.
Diploma in Intercultural Studies
The Diploma in Intercultural Studies is designed to offer training to those called into ministry, who normally have rich life and career experience, but lack an undergraduate degree.
Diploma in Theological Studies
The Diploma in Theological Studies provides a basic understanding of the biblical and theological disciplines for personal enrichment, ministry enhancement, and as preparation for further study.
Diploma in Theological Essentials
The Diploma in Theological Essentials provide core theological training, primarily for lay ministry leaders or ministry leaders receiving vocational training in a church setting or in another academic setting.
Bible Teaching Certificate
Gain a deeper understanding of the content and message of the Bible and learn how to best teach that message with Gateway's Certificate in Bible Teaching.
Children's Ministry Certificate
The Children's Ministry Certificate prepares students to minister to children and their families in the 21st century.
Christian Counseling Certificate
The Christian Counseling Certificate offers students a 12-hour study program in order to equip students to counsel within a variety of ministerial contexts.
Church Planting Certificate
Gateway's Certificate in Church Planting is designed to give students a greater insight and instruction in church planting methods, as well as help students create a network of church planters in their area.
Church Revitalization Certificates
The Church Revitalization Certificates are designed to give pastors, re-planters and revitalizers greater insight and instruction in church transformations as well as create a local network of revitalizers.
Collegiate Ministry Certificate
Equip yourself to effectively minister to college students with the Certificate in Collegiate Ministry's courses geared toward training in discipleship, evangelism, missions, and leadership.
Global Engagement Certificate
The Global Engagement Certificate offers students as 14-hour study program in missions in order to accomplish the Great Commission by serving as a missionary and or/mobilizing their Christian community.
Intercultural Studies Certificate
The Intercultural Studies Certificate provides a focused 12-hour study program in intercultural studies in order to equip students to understand and work within various cultural contexts..
IMB Qualification Certificate
Specifically designed to meet the International Mission Board's requirements for appointment to ministry, the IMB Qualification Certificate provides the theological and biblical groundwork for missions service.
Ministry to Women Certificate
The Ministry to Women Certificate is designed to equip students who are either in ministry or preparing forministry to women.
Pastoral Care Certificate
The Pastoral Care Certificate is designed to provide local church leaders the practical skills needed to minister effectively to the emotional and spiritual needs of others.
Youth Ministry Certificate
With emphasized training in multiethnic and multicultural communication and a focus on modern issues and topics, the Certificate in Youth Ministry prepares students to effectively minister to young people today.


To meet the challenge of equipping church leadership to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ADVANCE centers across the United States provide quality, Bible-based ministry training. Each center is established under a cooperative agreement with Gateway Seminary, the local Baptist church, and other associations. ADVANCE centers offer certificate and diploma programs to students without undergraduate degrees.

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