Job Board

Music and Family Minister

Rosemont Baptist Church - Montrose, CO

Salary/Range: $30,000/yr with parsonage and up to $6000/yr insurance


Rosemont Baptist Church is looking for a uniquely qualified minister to help our church effectively reach our community as our Music and Family Minister. We are seeking a full-time staff member willing to make a long-term commitment to our church and community. As our Music Minister, this staff member will help us lead our congregation into the future in the area of music, will oversee all aspects of our music ministry, and will follow the pastor’s lead in developing the worship services. As our Family Minister, this staff member will build and develop a discipleship process for our children and youth, will oversee all aspects of our student ministry, and help the pastor develop relationships with the families. The Music and Family Minister will also participate in the various ministries and outreaches of Rosemont Baptist Church.

Rosemont is a welcoming, outreach-oriented, growing church of about 100 people located in Montrose, Colorado. Over the last several years we have been growing and we are ready to expand both of these areas of our ministry. Our current style of worship singing is blended and we currently have one voice leading us with an occasional additional voice. We are looking for someone who can lead worship from behind a guitar or piano and whose attitude and giftedness will help us continue to make our worship time celebratory and focused on God, leading us into true worship.

Our student ministry is still in the beginning stages. We have a few core families with children, and a small group of youth, and our church is known for our various ministries to the children in our community. We are looking for someone who can help develop ministries that will find families in need of a church family and connect them with our church family. We would like someone whose servant-heart, outgoingness, and humbleness will keep the great unity we experience in our church family while helping in the growth of our church family, both spiritually and numerically.

Music and Family Minister Requirements:
- A strong and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
- Passion for worship
- Ability to expertly play either guitar or piano
- Strong gospel-centered theology both in teaching and displayed in songs
- Some experience leading in ministries to families with children and youth
- Some experience leading a congregation of mixed ages to worship
- Ability to read music
- Ability to build and lead a praise team
- Love a variety of styles of songs to engage a wide array of people
- Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree from a Southern Baptist institution (not required but would be a plus)

As the Music Minister, this staff member will spend about 25% to 33% of the time…
- leading singing at Sunday morning worship service.
- leading singing at Saturday night worship service (if/when started).
- leading song services at any additional services or special events (weddings, funerals, etc.).
- developing and leading a praise team.
- scheduling and leading a weekly practice.
- developing a song schedule and themes with Pastor.
- meeting with Pastor once a week.

As the Family Minister, this staff member will spend about 66% to 75% of the time…
- leading the Youth Sunday School.
- leading VBS.
- helping any Summer Missionaries who would minister to students.
- reaching out and ministering to prospective families.
- taking students (both children and youth) to camp.
- ministering to students throughout the week.
- when needed, filling in to preach for Pastor.
- meeting with Pastor once a week.