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Mandarin Congregation Young Adult Pastor

Lord's Grace Christian Church - Mountain View, CA

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Mandarin Congregation Young Adult Pastor
Lord’s Grace Christian Church in Mountain View, CA

We're a multi-generational multi-lingual community which seeks to study the Word, grow in our experience of God's grace, and share the good news of Jesus Christ from Silicon Valley to the ends of the earth. We are looking for a Mandarin-congregation Young Adult Pastor who has gospel-centric faith, Masters-degree seminary training, can preach in Mandarin Chinese and has fluent English. Ministry will be to single young adult and young adult families in the Mandarin congregation.

Please send your resume, testimony, and ministry experience to

主恩基督教会目前正在寻找一位普通话堂牧师,持福音派信仰,具道学硕士或同等装备,可以普 通话讲道,英语通顺。 服事对象为普通话堂年青至中年家庭、职青和学生。
Basic Qualification:
• Master of Divinity or equivalent degree from an evangelical seminary
• Demonstrated skill in equipping, empowering, and motivating young adults to become mature followers of Christ
• Gifted in preaching and teaching Scriptures, proclaiming the power and truth of the gospel clearly, accurately and effectively (proper biblical exegesis, hermeneutical approach with life application)
• Good communication and people skills
• Must be able to preach in Mandarin and be fluent in verbal and written communications in Chinese and English
Preferred Qualification:
• Some pastoral experience
• Experience in young adult or campus ministries
Job description:
Serving young single adults and young families in the Mandarin congregation.
1. Support and participate in pursuing the mission and goals of Lord’s Grace Christian Church
2. Assist and cooperate with the Mandarin Congregation Pastor in his ministry (both spiritual & administrative). Co-work with the rest of the pastoral team
3. Preach at least once a month
4. Provide guidance and leadership to young adult and young families small groups
5. Disciple and mentor young adults
6. Train and develop leaders in small groups and ministries
7. Help in teaching ministries – Adult Sunday school, Bible studies, seminars and special talks 8. Care for church members and visitors – visitations, counseling, hosting
9. Participate in prayer ministry
10. Serve on deacon board and various church committees
11. Participate in outreach in community and to non-believers