Job Board

Minister of Music

First Baptist Church Tallahassee - Tallahassee, FL

Salary/Range: TBD

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The primary responsibility of the Minister of Music is to serve the church by leading, coordinating, overseeing, and continuing to develop the church’s total music ministry. The Minister of Music works under the supervision of the Senior Pastor. They supervise paid support staff, interns, and ministry volunteers.

The Minister of Music Will Achieve the Following Goals:

Major Accountabilities:
- Develop and lead a comprehensive music ministry in all the services of the church. Work with pastoral staff, support staff, interns and volunteers to give supervision and coordination to all activities and ministries of the music ministry, including recruitment and training of leaders and volunteers, selection or writing of appropriate worship music, developing and leading new music ministry initiatives, and implementation of vision and strategy.
- Plan, coordinate, and lead all church worship services and special worship events, in conjunction with the Senior Pastor. Participate in regularly worship planning with the Senior Pastor.
- Provide pastoral care for members of the music ministry, including visitation, grief ministry, and counseling as needed. Participate in funerals and weddings as needed.
- Work closely with the Associate Pastor of Family Ministries and Senior Pastor to enact a consistent discipleship strategy for members of the music ministry that integrates with the church’s broader discipleship strategy. Lead members of the music ministry to participate in the life of the church as active followers of Christ.
- Maintain an active outreach ministry for music ministry members and their families. Counsel those who show interest in making a profession of faith or a commitment to full-time ministry. Develop and lead missions opportunities/trips for the music ministry. Integrate worship, missions, and service into the life of music ministry members and their families.
- Build and maintain relationships with the FSU and FAMU colleges of music, as well as other key partners in the community.
- Stay informed and up-to-date of methods, materials and strategies that relate to student ministry. Approve and provide oversight of all music, supplies, materials, instruments and repairs for the ministry.
- Recruit and develop volunteers and leaders in the music ministry. Conduct ongoing and special training projects focused on education and motivation for ministry members and key leaders.
- Assist in the preparation of an annual budget for the music ministry. Monitor expenditures in relation to the music budget.
- Supervise the administration of our Safe Church policies and procedures within the music ministry, coordinating with the Business Administrator as needed.
- Work with other pastoral staff members and Senior Pastor concerning activities, policies and procedures that relate to other areas of ministry. Be responsible for ensuring that the church’s music ministry is integrated into the total ministry of the church.
- Participate in pastoral staff meetings, committee meetings, and other meetings when requested by the Senior Pastor.
- Coordinate a program of publicity and marketing for the music ministry. Work with support staff and the Director of Communications, providing input related to music ministry activities in church publications, social media, and publications specific to the music ministry. Provide input to the church website that is consistent with church branding.
- Perform any other duties as needed or assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Personal Responsibilities:
- Grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ through regular prayer, Bible Study, and reading.
- Be a faithful member of First Baptist Church of Tallahassee (along with your family, as applicable).
- Display the Christian character, integrity, love, leadership, humility, and spiritual maturity that this position demands (1 Timothy 3:1-7).

What You Bring:

Education & Experience
- College degree required; seminary degree preferred.
- Experience in a similarly-sized music ministry, with both traditional and contemporary elements, preferred.

Personal Characteristics
- A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.
- Agreement with the church’s statement of faith.
- Ability to handle detailed, complex concepts and problems and balance multiple tasks simultaneously.