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Young Adult and Youth Pastor

Cross of Grace Christian Church - San Leandro, CA

Salary/Range: TBD


Cross of Grace Christian Church, San Leandro, CA

Cross of Grace Christian Church was established in San Leandro, CA in 2017 to preach the Gospel to the residents in the area where there are many Chinese but few Chinese Christian churches. The church committee sees an urgent need to emphasize spiritual upbringing of the English-speaking youth and young adult group and henceforth is seeking a pastor who has a natural affinity with young people and is passionate about leading them to Christ and helping them grow spiritually. Although the primary focus at the moment is on youth and young adults, it is foreseeable for the ministry to expand to establish its own English congregation in the future.

- Must be a mature born-again evangelical Christian.
- Has a degree from an accredited Christian seminary.
- Naturally connected with and passionate to serve the target group.
- Has some years of experience working with youth and young adults.
- Past experience with Chinese or ability to communicate in Chinese is a plus.

Duties include, but not limited to:
- Design and execute a disciple making process for students and young professionals.
- Preach, mentor, and care for the group members.
- Lead and coordinate with adult volunteers to work with the group.
- Build relationship between the English-speaking group and the rest of the church.
- Collaborate with church steering committee in planning and management.

Please email us a resume and a cover letter including a biography and testimony to