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Discipleship Pastor

Brainerd Hills Baptist Church - Chattanooga, TN

Salary/Range: To be determined


Full-time Discipleship Pastor
Brainerd Hills Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN, is a growing church with a new pastor. We are located in an area with great potential for growth, and we believe we are on the cusp of great things. Therefore, we are searching for a full-time Discipleship Pastor who will oversee a comprehensive discipleship program with a vision to intensify an atmosphere of spiritual growth. We are seeking an individual who first and foremost has a passion for discipleship, is well-organized, self-motivated, and a team-player. Part of his duties will include Sunday School, assimilation, and creating/building a home group strategy. A Master’s Degree from an approved seminary with 5+ years of experience is preferred. Please submit resumes to To receive updates about the hiring process, please visit our website at
The Discipleship Pastor is called by the church to develop and promote a comprehensive discipleship program in an atmosphere of spiritual growth. He is responsible to the church and is under the supervision of the Senior Pastor.
1. Determines Bible Study literature / magazines & publications for distribution (quarterly)
2. Regular contact with Bible Teachers (email/personal call) -- event communication and ongoing leadership training
3. Fills Sunday School office positions with volunteers
4. Oversees Sanctity of Life Sunday
5. Oversees Sunday School guest contacts, visitation, and assimilation process of church
6. Oversees and implement home group ministry & strategy
7. Contacts Home Group leaders regularly for training and encouragement
8. Oversight of Grounds Committee, Maintenance Supervisor and staff
9. Church Facilities/Vehicles: Works with outside venders (facility ins., staff ins., vehicle ins.)
a. Contact minister for emergencies
b. Event manager
c. Management of vans and drivers (emissions/tags/registration/ driver registration)
10. Minister contact for Safety Team members/needs
11. Annually, leads Church Nominating Committee in filling all volunteer positions on committees, Bible study teachers, and music leader volunteers
12. Presents Nominating Committee Final Report to Church for vote
13. Oversees greeters and ushers – working closely with Head Usher and Greeter
14. Assists the Senior Pastor as requested with other ministerial duties