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Lead Pastor

Aviano Baptist Church - Aviano, Italy

Salary/Range: $60,000


About an hour north of Venice and roughly 3 hours east of Milan, sits the beautiful city of Aviano. Home to roughly 9,000 people, this town is a warm home for many American military families. The city sits at the foot of the Dolomites mountain range.

There are so many fun things to do in the city- eat pasta, ski, mountain climb and so much more! Between the markets and the great outdoors, this city is full of excitement. The food is exceptional, and the locals are very welcoming! Aviano, Italy is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.


The congregation at ABC consists of a diverse population of approximately 140 regular attenders and 70 members. We are an English-speaking church comprised almost entirely of military members and their families from various denominational backgrounds. Being that Aviano Air Base is our target audience, the average age of our congregation is relatively young compared to most churches. We are a multi-generational church, but our key demographic is young professionals and young families. Serving a military population can create drastic fluctuations in attendance. Additionally, the transient nature of a military church can bring difficulties to areas that a lot of stateside churches take for granted (i.e. steady volunteer base, actively engaged regular attenders, etc.). However, through the years, ABC has been blessed to have all of its needs and more met by both its faithful members and regular attenders.

Currently, ABC rents a building in the heart of Aviano ideally located within a 5 minute drive from Aviano Air Base. We have recently rented and renovated a new building across the street from the one we used to rent out. Our new building will allow for the further growth and development of our congregation due to an increase in square footage which allows for a bigger sanctuary and additional classroom space.

Due to the larger sanctuary, we will be moving from two services to one service which we hope will help us better foster community between the entire congregation by bringing them together rather than having people grouped by what service they attended. Historically, we have had two services. One at 9:15 and the other at 10:45. In the new building we will consolidate to one service at 10:00. Additionally, we live stream our services on Youtube every Sunday in an attempt to ensure that our services are available to as many people as possible.
Our discipleship opportunities are designed to help our members get connected to the church family, to grow in their relationship with Christ, so that they are equipped to minister in Aviano or wherever He sends them. .
· One-on-one discipleship: Our one-on-one discipleship process is designed to do just that. A church member is paired with a more experienced follower of Jesus as they learn together how to read the Bible more effectively, how to have a solid prayer life, how to share their faith… and how to be a disciple of Jesus. Currently, our pairs use Navigator's 2:7 material in a 3-season-per-year approach. Each season (Winter, Spring, and Fall) is 15 weeks long to allow time to complete the material but also leave room for life to happen. We have teams of men and women who meet regularly.
· Homegroup Discipleship: Homegroups are simply believers that gather in individual homes throughout the week to study the Bible, encourage one another, pray for each other, and just live life together. We currently have four Homegroups that meet in various locations, days, and times. We have a group in Brugnera, Pordenone, Roveredo, and Manigo. Each group is led by two spouses who host on a weekly basis.

Children’s Ministry
Children’s Ministry is a core function of our church. As our children are constantly being molded, it is important that we, as a church family, mold them into disciples of God and not of Earth. Children are not the church of tomorrow; they are the church of today. Mornings are a special time when we teach children about God and the Bible in a fun, energetic way that helps make faith come alive in their hearts.

Awana helps churches and parents work together to develop spiritually strong children and youth who faithfully follow Jesus Christ. Our programs offer a proven approach for evangelizing and discipling kids in the church and community. By allowing students to dive deep into the Scriptures and answer these questions for themselves we allow them to explore their faith and discover what they actually believe. Awana is offered Sunday evenings.

Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a week-long, exciting time of singing, activities, and Bible lessons for kids 1-6th grade. We usually hold it at the end of July/early August to allow for newly arriving families to take part. Most years, our VBS reaches anywhere from 50-75 children with the gospel.

Youth Ministry
The teen years are some of the most crucial for the development and discovery of authentic faith for young people. Our focus is on the discipleship of Middle and High School students, challenging and leading our youth to answer Jesus’ call to, “follow Him.” We do this through Bible study, games, lock-ins, retreats, and other fun, biblically focused events.

Men’s Ministry
The Men's Ministry has a variety of opportunities throughout the year for men to go deeper in their relationship with the Lord as well as to fellowship with other men along the way. These include the monthly men’s prayer/fellowship gatherings, men’s Bible studies, and retreats. We have a place for men of all ages, backgrounds and stages of life.

Women’s Ministry
The Women's Ministry of ABC is here to serve women regardless of the season of life you are in. We welcome all women to come join our spiritually, emotionally, and physically refreshing Women’s Ministry. Sometimes we all need to be reminded that God is in control. Be encouraged, sit and rest awhile and know that the Lord is with us!

Prayer Ministry
We have a prayer team that is regularly praying for our church family. Every Sunday, the church collects prayer requests. The prayer requests then get submitted to the prayer team, where they use an app that regularly reminds them to pray for each request and more.

Worship Ministry
Through our worship ministry we seek in every way to uplift our Lord and our God. Being a young congregation, we feature primarily modern praise and worship music. Desiring that the young people stay in touch with their historical roots, we incorporate some of the grand old hymns of the Christian faith. We try as best as we can to make all congregational singing lively and upbeat in order to reflect the genuine joy of the Lord that characterizes our lives.

Aviano Baptist is a mission-oriented church attempting to do our part in getting the gospel out. The Pastor’s job is to work with the Missions Committee. The pastor provides leadership to the planning, organization, and conduct of missions work at ABC. The following missions are:

· Firewood for Crihana Veche Moldova. Every year we raise money to help purchase firewood for extremely poor families in the Moldovan village of Crihana Veche. It takes just $400 per family to provide enough wood to keep warm through the winter. Starting this year, we're beginning an Adopt-A-Family program so donors can give and pray for these needy families.

· Kainos Anti-Human Trafficking Ministry. According to the International Labor Organization there are 4.8 million people trapped in forced sexual exploitation through human trafficking. Kainos exists to reach the victims with the love of Christ and to help them escape the life of prostitution.

· Local Missions. This Fall we will be collecting food for a food drive.

In the past, Aviano Baptist Church has been involved with mission work worldwide. For the last several years, we have had the privilege of serving Christ in the poorest country in all of Europe; Moldova. Crihana Veche is a small village in the southern part of the country that is home to a small, dedicated group of believers who make up Crihana Veche Baptist Church. Partnering with them has given Aviano Baptist Church amazing opportunities to bless other Christians and be a light to unbelievers by donating to many of their local Church ministries. Some of these ministries include providing firewood in the winter, supporting the Church-run foster home, and offering free after school programs to at risk children.

Beyond just providing funds to these God honoring causes, Aviano Baptist Church hosts an annual mission trip to see and work in these ministries firsthand. Team members of the trip deliver the firewood that was collected, run the children’s program for the week, preach at churches in neighboring villages, and speak to the youth groups.

While providing for physical needs is surely a blessing, the greatest part about partnering with the believers at Crihana Veche Baptist Church is that every program they offer is a vehicle to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The witnessing opportunities team members will see on a mission trip to Moldova will stretch and grow even the most mature believer. Seeing the commitment of our Christian brothers and sisters in Moldova continues to be a blessing beyond measure.

Aviano Baptist Church is looking for a lead pastor answering a divine calling to minister to a unique community. The senior pastor will have the qualities outlined in 1 Timothy 3 as well as other aspects expected of a person serving in this position.
● A deep, steady faith, experience in leading, mentor, and disciple the community. (1 Timothy 3:5)
● Living a Christ-transformed life, an example of God’s unwavering love and a show of devotion to their flock. (1 Timothy 3:5)
● Spiritually mature with sound doctrines, humble, and honest in their daily life. (1 Timothy 3:2,3:6)
● Be influential and inspirational in accordance with God’s word. (1 Timothy 3:2)
● Experience in ministering within a military community is a significant advantage for relevant and effective ministry in the Aviano Community.
● (Preferred) Education in Christian biblical theological studies (ie: Masters of Divinty, Masters of Theology, etc)
● Some pastoral experience


€50,400 Annual Salary
€2,400 Salary Per Month
€1,800 Housing Stipend Per Month

Moving expenses TO Aviano will NOT be covered by the church.
Moving expenses FROM Aviano WILL be covered by the church.

School options for elementary and high school students:
● Local Italian Schools
● Homeschooling


Search and Selection Process
The ABC Pastoral Search Committee is carefully and prayerfully seeking God’s will and guidance throughout the search process. Of the resumes that are received, once an initial review and vetting process has been conducted, follow-up questionnaires and preliminary phone/ZOOM interviews will be conducted.

A series of checks will then be performed on promising candidates including, but not limited to, the following:
1. Background check
2. References
3. Final candidates will be interviewed, along with their spouse, via ZOOM (or some similar web based video-conferencing method).

Once a recommendation is made to the Church Council, and upon approval from the Church Council, the recommended candidate’s information will be presented to the Church. A visit to Aviano, Italy (at ABC’s expense) will be scheduled where the candidate will have the opportunity to preach to the church and also have an opportunity to meet with members of the congregation.

After the visit has concluded, the Church Council will call for a special business meeting. At that meeting, the members will vote to call the candidate to serve as Senior Pastor.

We would like to have the Pastor officially working here at Aviano Baptist Church no later than August 2021.

Apply for the Position
Interested candidates may submit an application to Amanda Cerda, Pastor Search Team Chairman, at with the following documents:
● Updated resume and cover letter explaining the candidate’s interest in the position
● 2-5 professional and/or ministry references
● Proof of academic titles
● Proof of past professional and/or ministry/pastoral experience
● Links to or copies of audio or video of past preaching (if available)

Applications will be accepted until the job vacancy is filled. The application process is being managed by a Pastoral Search Committee.

For more information about the church, visit