8-Week Online Courses

Gateway Online courses ARE PRIMARILY offered in an 8-week format. 

Gateway Online has a limited number of specific 16-week courses. Gateway Online follows the same 16-week academic calendar as the Los Angeles campus for term start and end dates with 8-week courses taking place in the first and second halves of the semester. Fall A and Spring A will take place in the first 8-week term; Fall B and Spring B will take place in the second 8-week term.


8-Week Courses Fall 2023

16-Week Courses SPRING 2023

FAQ 1 | Why are some courses still 16 weeks long?

Gateway Seminary faculty carefully considered each course offered online and determined that some courses, such as languages, Theological Field Education, and counseling courses with enhanced supervisory requirements, should be offered in 16 weeks. The faculty also recognize that not all students will be able to complete the theological core - Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, and Christian Theology - in 8 weeks. Therefore, one section of each of those courses will be offered in both 16- and 8-week lengths online.

Please view our Gateway Online Course Rotation for a full list of course lengths and term offerings.

FAQ 2 | Will this affect my graduation timeline?

Yes, it's very possible that this change will allow students to graduate sooner. By taking one or two 8-week courses at a time, students can complete more credit hours per term while only focusing on one or two subjects at a time. The Online Office is available for advising appointments to help you develop a course plan to graduate on time.

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FAQ 3 | Aren't 8-week classes more difficult?

Gateway Online is committed to both rigorous education and student success. Changing our curriculum into an 8-week format does not mean you will get half the content. In fact, we carefully calculate the workload of each online course and build assignments that will help you gain competency in each subject matter. As you plan your 8-week term, the following weekly workload should be taken into consideration:

1 credit hour course = approximately 7 hours per week
2 credit hour course = approximately 11 hours per week
3 credit hour course = approximately 17 hours per week

View more information about how we are changing our curriculum for your success in 8-week courses.

FAQ 4 | How do I plan my future courses?

Each term is planned according to our Gateway Online Course Rotation. This resource also provides subsequent tabs providing students with sample schedules for each degree or diploma. Students can use this resource for planning future courses.

Gateway Online Course Rotation

Additionally, we provide advising through Gateway Online. When you schedule a 30-minute advising appointment with us, we will request your degree audit from the Registrar, create a personalized plan to get you to graduation and give you guidance on how you can adapt that plan to fit your preferences.

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